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Video Creation & Distribution

Brand Usa on Youtube

Video is one of the most global mediums and appeals to all age groups and target markets. It’s versatile. It’s inspiring. It’s engaging. And your content library isn’t complete without dedicated video assets. After the success of the In-Language Content Program, Brand USA is expanding their video services with the following video styles:

  1. Native Traveler: hosted by a native-speaking talent and targeting a specific keymarket, this is the evolution of the In-Language Content program and videos tell your story in an experiential manner

  2. International Storyteller: these videos focus on a key travel theme – culinary, outdoors, urban, family, culture, entertainment – to appeal to a wider audience across multiple markets

  3. Destination-At-A-Glance: hosted by an English-speaking talent for multi-market promotions, video packages include (3) short vignettes that focus on a single experience and (1)snapshot/music-only teaser

  4. Destination Videos by Matador: music-only videos for global promotions, these videos have a high-commercial value and tell your story through more of an overview manner

Participating partners and Brand USA have rights to use and distribute this authentic, experiential content on their owned channels. Each video style includes promotions through Brand USA’s owned channels as well as media support to increase the reach of your content. Additionally, expand your video’s audience even more with the following extension opportunities:

  1. 1

    Experience Page Extension

  2. 2

    Third-Party Distribution Channels, inc. Rocket   Fuel, Outbrain and Facebook

  3. 3

    Content Extensions

Example of a Video Journal page

For more information about these Brand USA programs, please contact your Miles representative or call
Paul Winkle, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at 941-342-2325.

Brand USA programs are proudly managed by Miles.

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